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Staffing(Placement / Payroll )

We pledge to support your company’s recruitment needs both through our globally linked network that spreads beyond national or regional boundaries and through the application of our highly-developed expertise that can discern and find the most suitable person with the appropriate mindset and skill-sets for your organization.

Our team of HR Consultants embodies our highly developed qualitative and quantitative methods for offering to you the most constructive advice on comprehensive hiring solutions and are very capable in understanding your precise HR needs so that the best human resources can be introduced to you.


We provide many different types of training programs with the cross-cultural differences in consideration. We propose a wide range of seminars that caters to the needs of both the locals-hired employees and Japanese employees.

We provide unique seminars in which “Indian lecturers teach Japanese the Indian senses of values, and Japanese lecturers teach Indian the Japanese senses of values “ in an attempt to create interactive communication for mutual understanding between the Indian and Japanese employees.


Our Outsourcing services include BPO Services, Payroll Services, RPO Services (Recruitment Process Outsourcing), Campus Recruitment Services, and several other services. By allowing us to conduct a particular aspect of your office work, you will be able to focus more on your company’s core area of work. This will enable the work processes in your company to progress in a more efficient manner.


With our abundant Global and Indian experience in offering various HR related services; we aim to function as your company’s vibrant “HR Partner,” by providing services such as Market-Entry-Support, New Branch Development, Building Organizational Capability, Creating and Reforming Appraisal Systems, Drafting and Updating of HR Policies, and by providing many other similar know-how intensive services.

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