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In March of 2007 Pasona India Pvt. Ltd. was established as the first Japanese-affiliated employment agency in India.

Since established, PASONA GROUP has used job creation to pursue its central corporate philosophy, which aims at building a better society by creating various employment infrastructures.

In today's world of rapid globalization, the number of Japanese-affiliated companies expanding into the Indian market is proliferating at an eye-opening pace.
Having cultivated their skills in Japan, each and every one of our employees strives to provide the service and know-how to satisfy all of your hiring needs, even in India.
By assisting with the recruitment duties of Indian Japanese-affiliated companies, we hope that we can contribute to the development of your business in India.

Company Profile

Corporate Name
Pasona India Pvt. Ltd.
F-127&128, First Floor, Rectangle One, D-4 District Center, Saket, New Delhi - 110017
March 2007
Business Activities
Placement & Recruiting,Temporary Staffing
Managing Director
Yoshihisa Tani

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