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METI Japan Job Fair

METI Japan Job Fair is just around the corner!


For all the Job Seekers! Why don’t you take this chance to maximise your career opportunity?

India 12th-13th, December 2020

※Registration is required to be completed in advance.

■ About Japan Job Fair

  • This program provides foreigners working in Japan or who want to work in Japan with a support system and a chance to find the right job at a Japanese company by participating in the international job fair.
  • Japanese companies aim to further promote the participation of foreigners in Japanese society by employing them to develop innovation, new products and services.  Additionally, this will improve the competitiveness of overseas business expansion.
  • This Government of Japan oriented project is free to join and you can participate through online with full-support from Pasona India to guide you interview tips, how to prepare your CV and consult your challenges!
  • For more information about the Japan Job Fair 2020: Click here!


■ How to participate?

**Please make sure to register yourself before the Job Fair otherwise you will be unable to attend.

  • To know more about the registration process: Click here!
  • Because of Corona pandemic, this year a whole Job Fair is conducted through ONLINE.

■ Who is suitable to participate this Job Fair?

  • Anyone with degree or about to graduate who seek a career development in Japan.
  • Anyone who is already belong to the company.
  • Please attend the Job Fair with stabled WI-FI environment with PC/ Smartphones.
  • This year 14 Japanese companies are participating this Job Fair in India!

Any inquiry: Consulting Division Yangchen Kazi(Ms.)

Phone: +91 99104 05735


We are looking forward to your participation!