Back to India, Back to work!

パソナインディア|Pasona India

 Back to India, Back to work!

We have lots of opportunities for candidates who have experiences of staying at Japan!

We are actively supporting Indian national candidates who want to return India from Japan or any other country for a job. We have lots of opportunities especially for candidates who have studied in Japan, stayed in Japan for internship or have worked in Japan. Please register here!!!

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Positions in India インドでの求人状況


As there is great presence of Japanese companies in India, the opportunities for individuals with work experience in Japan is on high demand.
Sectors can be Manufacturing, Trading, Retail, FMCG, IT or Banking.


Positions presently open are 主な募集ポジション:

• R&D (Product design / Development)
• Sales / Business Development
• Bilingual interpretation
• Software Developers
• HR & GA
• Administration
• Executive Assistant
• Data Analyst

Success Stories 転職成功者の声

① A san (Japanese level : N2 / 日本語レベルN2)
She was working as an analyst or a coordination job in India. After working few years in India, she went to Japan for learning advance Japanese. After she completed Japanese language course and got JLPT N2, she was placed in a Hotel in Japan. She worked there for half a year and learnt Japanese Hospitality there. After coming back to India, she was working as a freelance. Last year, she got a job of HR in a Japanese company in Gurgaon.


② B san(Japanese level : N3 / 日本語レベルN3)
After he graduated in Arts from India, he went to Japan for studying Japanese language. He stayed in Japan for 2 years and he improved Japanese from Elementary level to Business level.
After finishing school, he was considering coming back to India and started searching job. He got a contact to our consultant and took the interview. After 3 months, he got an offer of Business Development job in a manufacturing company in Gujarat.


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