Our HR Solutions

HR Solutions

HR Diagnostics

Do you want to assess your current situation
  • To improve company culture and employee engagement
  • To empower employees to drive organizational change.
  • To act where it matters
  • To become an ‘Employer of Choice’

We conduct surveys and psychometric tests to gauge the mood of your employees and take necessary action.

HR Solutions

HR Policy and Compliance Management

As an organization, you are required to.
  • Communicate values and expectations to employees.
  • Manage and ensure compliance with law.
  • Benchmark with the best industry practices

At Pasona India, we Design & Develop HR policies, employment contracts and standing orders. We also support in formulation and implementation of harassment prevention polices including Prevention of Sexual harassment policy

HR Solutions

Performance Management & Other HR Systems

To achieve success, every organization needs to motivate its employees to improve productivity. We can support you.
  • Encourage performance orientation among employees
  • Build a talent pipeline and achieve companies objective
  • We can co work with you to develop grade definition , performance management.
  • Frame promotion and career progression systems
  • Develop suitable Rewards & recognition system
HR Solutions

Employee Compensation Design

It is important to have the right compensation structure to attract & retain talent in the organisation, We have extensive experience in
  • Salary benchmarking with market/competitors
  • Designing effective compensation structure & policy
  • Designing customized incentive and bonus systems linked to performance, also ensure compliance with the applicable labor legislation
HR Solutions

Overseas Projects

As a multinational organisation would you like to
  • Collaborate with companies in India
  • Conduct any HR related surveys or research for Japanese companies/government bodies.
  • Organize job fair or organize internship programs from India to Japan or vis a versa
HR Solutions

HR Process Outsourcing

To enable organisation to focus on their core business and strategic activities we extend HR process outsourcing services which includes
  • Managing end to end HR process
  • Reducing the non compliance risks
  • Seek advice on HR,IR or any other HR related support
  • HR help desk providing expat services such as visa/FRRO registration

Pasona India provides complete employee lifecycle management services , you can outsource all HR functions from entry to exit of employees.

HR Solutions

HR Advisory and Support Services

We have a panel of HR experts who advice on HR IR and legal matters for effective management of HR functions Services will include
  • HR Cost management
  • Handling employee communication
  • Improving employee engagement
  • Support of manpower restructuring
  • Monthly advisory service
HR Outsourcing

HR Outsourcing

The Pasona Group Challenge Values are expressed using three words: Pure, Passion, and Power, which all start with the letter “P,” paying homage to the corporate logo of the Pasona Group. These values form the basis for our human resources development and evaluation criteria.

  • Recruitment & selection
  • Payroll & compensation management
  • Staff training
  • Employee benefits & service
  • Job evaluation


We provide the complete range of payrolling services to organizations. You can leave all the paperwork to us. We ensure cost-effective solutions that take care of attendance, leave, overtime and salary calculations with the utmost efficiency. We also extend payroll services for expat employees



We do specialize in outplacement assistance based on our experience in managing geographies in East Asia & Japan. Our team works in close association with outgoing employees; helps them to create the right profiles in professional social media sites so that they can be discovered by the right organizations. We apprise them about the current job market, help them in making specialized resumes, prepare them to do well in interviews and ensure that they finally get placed in good companies.

Disclaimer: PASONA INDIA is only in the business of providing HR solution services in four (4) domains i.e., Talent Acquisition solution services (placement), staffing, HR consulting and Training services. Please note PASONA INDIA never asks for any payment or any other information via WhatsApp or any other social platform. We never ask for any payment from any candidate for placement service. Please contact service.assurance@pasona.in for verification of any service, payment request, doubtful claims, business request, dubious, misleading, or malicious emails

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