Our Training Programs

Our training services are broadly categorized into the following segments.
Training Implementation
  • Pre-joining training
  • Open seminars
  • Customized trainings
Learning & Development (L&D) Solutions
  • Training Need Identification (TNI) and Education Map
  • L&D Framework
Language Service
  • Japanese Language Course

Training Implementation

  • Pre-joining Training

    Pre-joining Training

    This is a recruitment add-on service. We ensure that every new recruit understands the organization well; he/she is well educated about the company culture, the solutions designed by the company and the role he/she is expected to play in the growth journey of the company.

  • Open Seminars

    Open Seminars

    Our open seminars are designed to bring together participants from various industries and sectors to help them interact, learn and network. These are general training programs that are similar across industries and address the needs of most organizations.

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    The topics are:
    • Japanese work culture (Cross Cultural Sensitization)
    • Working with India (Cross Cultural Sensitization)
    • PDCA – 4-step work management
    • HORENSO – Effective and Holistic communication
    • Customer Orientation
    • Newly Promoted Managers
    • Coaching – A Management Tool
    • Train the Trainer
  • Customized Training

    Customized Training

    Organizations also look for customized training programs to serve particular needs of the company. At Pasona India, we discuss in detail with our clients and curate training programs for the participants that are best suitable for the organization to achieve its goals.

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    The topics are:
    • Executive Coaching (Leadership development)
    • Basics of Risk Management
    • Basics of Quality & Safety Management
    • Supervisory Skills (Frontline supervisors)
    • Basics of Conflict Management
    • Communication Skills
    • Team building Skills
    • Presentation Skills
    • Time Management

Learning & Development (L&D) Solutions

  • Training Need Identification (TNI) and Education Map

    Training Need Identification (TNI) and Education Map

    This is a more structured solution devised by Pasona to visualize the training requirements (Education Map) across the organization; divide these training programs into various categories and create level-wise classification. We further support in creating Annual Training Calendar for implementation, based on priority.

  • Learning & Development Framework

    Learning & Development Framework

    Organizations also need help in setting up a basic L&D system to effectively manage their internal training activities. Pasona India assists organizations in setting up this framework that includes:

Language Service

  • Pasona Language Academy

    Pasona India is happy to announce the launch of “Japanese Language Academy” which will provide Basic Japanese Language learning to all aspiring people! The course is designed to build business Japanese language knowledge and fluency. It is a thoughtfully crafted course to meet the needs of both Organizations and Individuals!

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