In the dynamic landscape of the manufacturing sector, the advent of Industry 4.0 signifies a transformative leap, surpassing the foundations laid by Industry 3.0. This evolution represents a paradigm shift, characterized by the widespread integration of digital technologies into every facet of the manufacturing process, giving rise to the concept of Smart Factories.
Industry 4.0 relies on cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Digital twin, Data analytics, Cloud Computing, Augmented/Virtual Reality, and Cyber Security of IT and OT environment. These technologies converge to create a highly interconnected and intelligent manufacturing ecosystem, fostering seamless communication and collaboration among machines. The result is heightened efficiency, reduced downtime, and enhanced product quality.

SIRI: World’s first Independent digital maturity assessment

Industry 4.0

Phase 1 – Assessment

The Official SIRI Assessment (OSA) is conducted to evaluate the baseline industry 4.0  maturity of the organization, and the official SIRI Assessment report is presented along with priority recommendations.


It enables key stakeholders to speak a common language and provide clear next steps to lead and architect their successful transformation.

Industry 4.0

Phase 2- Transformation Roadmap Creation

Development Roadmap: Based on best practices, a roadmap is created focusing on the aspects highlighted in the prioritization matrix derived from the OSA with targets, costs and timelines mapped.

Technical Solutions: Providing the ideal solutions and vendors based on the recommendations of the OSA report. 


Industry 4.0

Phase 3- Transformation Solutions Implementation

  • Skill/Competencies Mapping
  • Training Mapping with the derived Skills/Competencies
  • Training Recommendation
  • Trainings
  • Performance Management System
  • Manpower Augmentation and fulfilment

This phase involves support for the execution and validation of the proposed solutions and Creating workflows and human capital and process enablers and tools for absorption of the latest Industry 4.0 technologies.

Our Industry 4.0 Solutions

Our Industry 4.0 Solutions

Our Digital Solution(s)

Our Digital Solution(s)

Samrat Mazumdar
Corporate Advisor
Certified Smart Industry Readiness Index Assessor
Assessor ID: SIRI080922SN005

Certified SIRI assessor & Digital transformation Consultant. Assessing Global Organisations on Digital Maturity and creating road maps for Digital Transformation. Senior Professional with Leadership roles and experiences , Industry 4.0 domain expert and assessor. Areas of experience includes : Industry 4.0 transformation and assessments. Business Development ,Sales, Marketing, Strategy ,After Sales Service, Logistics and Supply Chain , Manufacturing of Engineering Products and Services. Current domain of work is in IT sector with focus on Data Science, IOT , Manufacturing 4.0 and real time analytics and Business Intelligence. TUV Certified Industry 4.0 assessor Ex-TBEM assessor ( Malcolm Balridge Model). INCIT certified SIRI assesor . CII Jury for Digital Transformation best practices award 2021,2022 ,2023.

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