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Company Name and URL change

We will like to inform that our company name has changed from “Team Pasona India Company Limited” to “Pasona India Private Limited”. We request you to kindly update your records accordingly and to address all future correspondences on the new name of the Company.

News & Topics

01/Apr/2016 "Notice about Personal Changes

Pasona India Pvt. Ltd. announced the personnel changes as below;

Yoshihisa Tani
New Title: Chairman/Director
Previous Title: Managing Director

Ranen Gupta
New Title: Managing Director
Previous Title: Vice President

Tomoko Kamata
New Title: Vice President - Sales

Dibya Gyan Murti
New Title: Vice President - Placement

Effective as of 1st April, 2016

Pasona India Pvt. Ltd.
18/feb/2016 "Notification for the start of the "TOKYO CAREER GUIDE" website"

We are pleased to inform you that the Pasona Group was entrusted with the "Global Human Resource Staffing Support Project" from the Tokyo Metropolitan government and is now running the secretariat.
For this project, we have setup a new website to clearly describe the attractive aspects of working in Tokyo for those who want to work overseas and are interested in Japan.


The website contains the following contents.
WHY TOKYO 100: We introduce reasons to work in Tokyo as described by 100 foreigners who work in Tokyo with one phrase on a flash card.
OUR VOICE: We interviewed 30 foreigners who work in Tokyo about their jobs and lives in Tokyo. The interviews can be viewed as movies and articles.
FAQ: We answer 20 questions from foreigners about work and life in Tokyo.
ROAD TO TOKYO: We explain the five steps in order to work in Tokyo.
FIND A JOB: We introduce human resource agencies who have the knowledge to introduce domestic and international global human resources to companies.

Please check out the website.

We also have a consulting desk manned by specialists who can clarify in detail any doubts, questions, or concerns you may have about working in Tokyo by telephone and email.
Our local staff may be able to visit you in major Asian cities depending on your concerns to support your future career in Tokyo.

We hope that this website will support you in some way in building a new career.
We wish you success in the future.

Pasona India Pvt. Ltd.

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