The Power of Personalization in Talent Acquisition

In the fiercely competitive landscape of Talent acquisition, standing out amidst the clutter is the only way to attract top talent. Hence we see organisations using a multitude of ways to position themselves as the leaders – using social media, supporting campus initiatives, sponsoring events that are ‘in’, creating a distinctive identity and so on. However, in the battle for brains, one of the best practices for talent acquisition that has emerged in recent years is Personalisation.

Customizing the candidate experience at every touchpoint and tailoring recruitment strategies to individual preferences and needs, personalisation is all about creating long-lasting impact! Impact that goes a long way in driving engagement, fostering deeper connections and ensuring organisations get the best fit for their requirements. It also creates a sense of loyalty that lasts long after the candidate joins the organisation, enhancing employee retention. Come to think of it, in the age of highly personalised marketing and sales experience all around us, can talent acquisition afford to be left behind? Considering the magnitude of hiring challenges in India, can one actually expect to attract the best talent with a one-size-fits-all approach?

What are the different ways talent acquisition can be personalised?

  1. Customized Recruitment Marketing – This includes developing personalized recruitment marketing campaigns that deliver targeted messages to specific candidate segments. This could include personalized email campaigns, social media content, or even personalized landing pages that cater directly to the interests and aspirations of different candidate groups.
  2. Personalised communication – Instead of sending generic messages, taking the time to personalize communication with candidates, sends a signal that you understand them and care about them. Referencing specific skills, experiences, or achievements from their resumes or LinkedIn profiles demonstrates a genuine interest in their individuality. This creates a sense of belonging in the candidate almost immediately.
  3. Customised Assessment Processes – Many organisations are now designing assessments that reflect specific needs and expectations of the role, incorporating case studies, or simulations and gamifications that allow candidates to showcase their skills in a meaningful manner. Adapting interview formats to suit the candidates’ preferences, competency-based interviews that take a deep dive into each candidate’s profile and skills are also techniques many adopt, especially for senior hires. These let the candidates know immediately whether they have what it takes to meet the expectations, and help employers understand the candidates’ potential.
  4. Creating Lasting Connections – Personalization must transcend the recruitment process itself. Organizations can create networks and platforms like virtual events, alumni networks, and mentorship programs, etc. that provide opportunities for ongoing engagement, enabling candidates to feel part of a larger ecosystem. These can create a pool of loyal brand advocates who become part of a strong talent pipeline for future needs.
  5. Continuous Engagement: Maintaining ongoing communication and engagement throughout the recruitment process is crucial. Providing timely updates, seeking input, and addressing individual concerns that each candidate might have fosters a positive candidate experience and helps maintain a talent relationship for future opportunities, even if the current one does not pan out.

In the cluttered Indian talent pool, candidate experience can be the make-or-break point

Pasona India customizes entire recruitment cycle that helps organizations create an extraordinary perception for the brand. Immersive recruitment programs, personalized communications, and tailored assessments all contribute to a sense of care and attention that leave a lasting impression. This instils a sense of belonging and sets the stage for a lasting relationship built on mutual trust and respect.

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