A guide to smooth and positive employee onboarding process

To build the brand image of your firm, and keep fresh talent flowing, HR needs to take the employee onboarding process seriously. You surely do not want the skilled employees you hired after numerous rounds of interviews and expenses incurred by the firm, to leave you high and dry just because they didn’t like the atmosphere or feel comfortable. 

Newly recruited employees are the newest members of the organisation. HR must make them feel welcome, as, after all, their office is their second home. If you want to put considerate efforts into the process of employee onboarding, but are not sure in which direction you should put your efforts, this article will guide you in doing so. 


An introduction to the onboarding process 

Onboarding, as the name suggests, is the process in which newly recruited employees get on board with the organisation and its various stakeholders. Onboarding as a term is the same. However, as a process, the employee induction process is different in every organisation. 

Onboarding can be referred to as the simple verification and mandatory paperwork of the employees for some HR managers. On the other hand, it is a process of new hire onboarding into the atmosphere to blend completely, with HR managers who are more dedicated and committed to their jobs. 


Common challenges faced by HRs or employees during onboarding

Mentioned below are some challenges which are likely to be faced by the HRs or the employees in the process of onboarding. 

  1. Change management– Both the employer and the employee start working with each other with the hope of bringing about change. The employer hopes for a positive change in the firm, while the employee looks forward to a progressive change in his career. However, managing the change can be a stressful job, and thus, there needs to be clarity between the two on the roles and expectations they have from each other. 
  2. Role clarity– The employer needs to explain the role to the employee, and for the employee to adhere to his role. Problems in role clarity lead to misunderstandings and disputes. Therefore, having clarity in roles is significant for both the HR and the employees. 
  3. Time management- Time management varies from company to company and from job to job. The new employee needs to manage time by the norms and requirements of the new organisation. The HR or the trainer can play a great role in teaching them how to do so. 
  4. Adjusting to the company culture– The new employee might take some time to adjust according to the company’s culture. Many problems might occur in this process, but it is the joint effort of the recruiter and the employee to make this process happen smoothly. 


What to keep in mind while formulating a smooth and effective onboarding process?

There are a few things, which shall help you to conduct the employee onboarding process smoothly. 

  • Provide a welcome kit during the new hire onboarding– Whether it is a product offered by the firm or a service coupon, offer something to the new employee to convey that they are welcome onboard!
  • Conduct a proper training program- The training program should entail a list of all the necessary technology, guidelines, norms, and expectations that the company has been following for years. Make them well-versed with the firm in the training process, so that they come out as a part of the firm. 
  • Portray the vision of the company- The employer needs to make the employees go through the company’s vision, its core, and modus operandi. This can help the new employee settle well in the firm’s atmosphere. 
  • Motivate and be welcoming- You should, through your words or some exercises, motivate the new employees. You should be welcoming by providing them with free lunch for the first day or a welcome gift or party, or something of that kind. 
  • Schedule check-ins on a regular basis- You need to check up on all your employees, but the new ones need special care and attention from your side. Ask them if everything is smooth and what problems they are facing. 
  • Ask for feedback- The employees love to know that they are being heard and that their opinions matter. Ask them for feedback regarding any tangible or intangible aspect of the company, and take suggestions on how things can be improved. 
  • Do not overload them with work or information- If you expect that your new employee will get through with your firm within the first few days, you are wrong. Give them space and time, and the first few chances, and make sure that you do not put too much burden or stress on them in the first days only!


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