How does organisational development impact organisational success?

Organisation Development (OD)- Competency Assessments And Training Solutions

Organisational development (OD) is becoming a game changer in an increasingly competitive and dynamic business environment. Businesses must constantly align strategy, culture, internal processes, and cross-departmental communication to win in the marketplace. 

One should know the understanding of the organisational development competencies, its strategies with examples, and the competencies of OD professionals. 

What is organisational development?

Organisational development is a process that improves a company’s efficiency by improving existing processes and creating new ones. Interventions (or techniques) based on social and behavioural science make organisational change easier. Organisational development (OD), aims to understand how to maximise the effectiveness, potential, and capacity of both people and organisations.


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What are organisational development competencies?

Organisational competencies are the skills required for an organisation to excel and remain competitive in the market. Competencies assessment is heavily reliant on the competencies of the organisation’s employees.

  • Dependability and accountability

Takes personal responsibility for the work’s quality and timeliness, achieves results with little supervision, arrives on time to work and follows all instructions, policies, and procedures. Meets productivity goals, deadlines, and work schedules, and makes the best use of available time and resources.

  • Analysis/reasoning

Recognizes key facts in a variety of data. Notifies when data appears to be incorrect, incomplete or requires verification. Examines data to understand issues, draw conclusions, and solve problems.

  • Communication

Listening to others communicates effectively, and ensures that everyone involved in a project or effort is kept up to date on developments and plans.

  • Innovative and creative thinking

Experiments with fresh concepts, techniques, and processes and develops new ideas that provide solutions to all types of workplace challenges.

  • Customer-centric approach

Builds and maintains consumer satisfaction with the company’s goods and services and gives internal and external clients top-notch support.


 Five examples of OD strategies in an organisation?

The secret to effective organisational performance is achieving a given objective with the appropriate methods and tactics.

  • Concentrate on growth and education

Consider the experience of the professionals in the various disciplines before making any changes to the company. Learn about the professionals’ aptitudes, competencies, and weaknesses, as well as the areas in which they struggle, and offer training solutions accordingly.

  • Always keep the consumer in mind

Customers search for alternatives if they don’t get the necessary goods or services. Customers can be asked to participate in surveys or to provide feedback on the services received through social media platforms to solicit client feedback to ensure organisational effectiveness.

  • Focus on producing quality services or goods

A company must also decide on an adequate standard of quality for the goods or services offered. A leader obtains many viewpoints and ideas about how to improve the organisation by including experts from various fields in the decision-making process.

  • Technology usage

The efficiency of a corporation depends on the use of technology-based tools. Make use of PCs, or mobile devices to boost productivity in the workplace. For example, utilise spreadsheets, or create an office-wide system for information exchange among team members.

  • Utilise human resources

Any company’s human resources division is crucial to the efficiency of its organisational structure. They actively select the best candidates for open jobs inside the organisation and offer distinctive viewpoints that leaders may overlook.


What are the top 5 skills needed by OD experts?

These competencies aid in determining the knowledge, skills, abilities, or other behaviours necessary for success in a given job role or functional area.

  • Expert in systems change 

A systems change leader is someone who is at ease working within a larger system and who can provide guidance on organisational change, transformation, and alignment tactics,  someone who inspires and is an innovator.

  • Design professional

An efficient designer works to keep things simple and keeps the client, end-user, & multiple stakeholders in mind when designing strategies, interventions, and procedures facilitating decision-making by fostering a non-threatening environment.

  • Business consultant

Thinks and acts in a way that is conducive to the organisation’s objectives. A results-oriented leader who projects return on investment sets difficult targets, understands and applies the fundamentals of customer service, and measures impact.

  • Trustworthy strategist

Able to relate to clients on an emotional level, comprehend their needs, and convert business realities into language that clients can accept and commit to. Also,  has the ability to operate well within a variety of cultural contexts.

  • Expert consultant

Successfully negotiate for objectives, results, and resources while cultivating relationships, and commitment with stakeholders. Who exemplifies leadership in a focused area of organisational development and applies the best practices to achieve the best results.


Competency assessments also aid evaluation of the training and other employee development programmes. You can get assistance from Pasona to develop the best performance management system possible, including HR consulting, outsourcing, recruitment solutions, and more.

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