How Technology Brought A Revolution In The Recruitment Process Today

Talent acquisition and recruitment are essential functions of any organisation, be it big or small. Job postings earlier were done mostly on print media. Hoardings, newspapers, magazines, etc. were used for listing job openings. Also, the reach of these openings was very limited. But now all the job openings are on a global level. 

However, with technologies, the whole recruitment and selection process is streamlined nowadays to a whole new level. Recruitment Service Providers (RPOs) are implementing technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for self-scheduling interviews and other processes. The right RPO solution can optimise your recruiting process, help reduce costs and enhance your overall business strategy, making the process of applying for a job till onboarding simple.


The evolution of the recruitment process

Technology has impacted our daily lives and the way industries operate. And the recruitment process is no different, as it has changed the way how recruiters and hiring managers work. With the advancement of technology, the reach and presence of businesses have widened. Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Indeed, and various other platforms have changed the recruiting industry.


The recruitment process earlier was a huge task. It was difficult to reach more and more people. The reach was very limited. However, due to technology, the reach has advanced to a global level. Using social media has helped beat the ifs and buts of recruiting. 


Further, it was a tedious task to store recruitment-related data as it is vulnerable to data loss. With the backup feature, data can be restored easily in case of data loss. 


With the invention of the cloud, you don’t need to store anything physically. Everything is stored over the cloud. Cloud computing provides the platform for storage and infrastructure. Everything is present virtually and can be accessed from anywhere at any time. 


Technological impact on recruitment


The recruitment process has got a total makeover due to the introduction of technology. As per reports, over 98% of the fortune 500 companies use recruitment software for their recruiting process. 


Here are a few areas where technology has played a significant role:-


  • Smooth onboarding –  The whole recruitment process, from job application to onboarding, has become fluent and simple. There is no need to be physically present; the process can be done virtually.

  • Skill assessment – Lots of people apply for a specific job opening. It was difficult to find a suitable candidate for a specific job opening. An assessment according to the job profile is created and candidates are tested only on that basis. It helps in filtering out unsuitable candidates. 

  • Data handling – In some cases there are lots of applications for job openings. It is a hectic task to separate a big amount of data. A data analytics tool is used to divide data into various categories like location preferences, job profile, age, etc. This makes the data usable and the recruitment process easier.

  • Video conferencing – Earlier interviews were done only physically face to face. Also, candidates in remote areas faced difficulties in availability for interviews. Video conferencing by apps like skype, zoom helped in dodging remote location barriers in the recruitment process

  • Access to a large talent pool – It is a difficult task to find the right candidate with the proper skills and mindset. Earlier the recruiters had to settle with less skilled people. Now, the accessibility to a vast pool of talent gets this issue solved easily.

  • HR round test – Not only technical skills are important, behavioural skills are also very important for a job. There are various platforms where behavioural competency tests, and psychological tests are taken and tests are analysed that make the selection of suitable candidates easy. 


Recruitment outsourcing- a boon to the recruitment process    


Recruitment outsourcing streamlines the recruitment process as well as systems. There are several recruitment agencies that have an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). The process from job application to acceptance from recruiter, technical round, HR round till onboarding can be tracked makes the whole task a lot easier than before. The company doesn’t need to care about anything. 


Outsourcing the recruitment process is cost-effective too. The recruitment outsourcing companies take care of job descriptions, marketing, and finding the right candidate. The companies only need to mention the vacancy and job profile details. Nowadays more and more companies are benefiting from this technology-enhanced system. The skills needed and eligibility is well defined so that only suitable candidates appear for the recruitment process. Furthermore, the whole process is fully transparent.

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