Why Company Culture is vital for Recruitment process & Employee retention?

Are you struggling to find the perfect job candidates for your business? Is employee morale challenging to handle? Then you should take a closer look at the culture of your organisation. Healthy corporate workplace culture can benefit your bottom line in the long term. A company’s culture is regarded as the glue that keeps the organisation and its employees together. 

In today’s digital era, the rise of startups and tech companies has put workplace culture in the spotlight. Company culture is the combination of values, people, vision, and work ethics that impact employee behaviour and the work environment. Simply put, the company culture reflects the personality of the organisation. 

Why is company culture important?

Workplace culture refers to the shared norms and expectations of employees. It will directly influence the organisation’s performance and employees’ behaviour. Company culture has gained popularity in recent times. However, its effect on recruitment, retention, employee behaviour and team building is both crucial and challenging.

Workplace culture can describe leadership styles and the physical work environment. Moreover, it also informs the guiding mission and goals and shapes the organisation’s management structure while setting baseline expectations for employees’ behaviour and attitude. Establishing a perfect company culture is inevitable to attract quality talents, keep them happy and promote your service/products.

How does it affect the recruitment process?

Attractive workplace culture is a valuable asset when it comes to recruiting and retaining top talent. More than ever, culture plays a critical determining factor in recruiting the next generation of workers as they look to enter your workspace. Here are some ways the company culture can affect the recruitment process.

  • Improves employee retention – Considering company culture as a part of your recruitment process will increase employee retention and decrease employee turnover from a moral standpoint.
  • Better work productivity – People who love their workplace culture tend to work better at a higher level. However, if they find the company culture miserable, it will lead to less-quality performance, impacting the bottom line.
  • More positive work environment – Hiring the talents who culturally fit your organisation will create a positive work environment and contribute to enhancing the employee engagement and morale of other employees in general.
  • Attracts top talent – Besides a competitive salary and other benefits and perks, prospective employees seek a job in an organisation that has positive workplace culture. 
  • Motivates employee engagement – Employee engagement is directly associated with the organisation’s goals, culture, retaining talent, and more. A company culture that demonstrates transparent communication will likely increase employee engagement. 

Benefits of company culture for employees and business

Various brands are marking their mark when communicating and developing their company culture. Having a strong and well-defined workplace culture shows substantial benefits for both employees and business, including

  • Smoother onboarding process

Your culture should portray what your organisation stands for, your air, and what a day in your workplace is like. It will be much easier to convert this to recruits and enable them to gain valuable insights into their perception of you as an organisation and an onboarding process.

  • Enhances the brand presence 

Your company’s culture can be shared on social media platforms and can act as a reservoir to reinforce your brand’s presence. Moreover, when the organisation is clear on its values and goals, it leads to more cohesive and consistent decision-making to achieve the same goal.

  • Improved customer service

Employees who work in an organisation with healthy company culture tend to show more efficiency, creativity, productivity, and joy in the workplace. This, in turn, enables them to show the same effect on customer service, making them more likely to excel.

  • Creates motivated people

A company culture lays the foundation for your workforce to create motivated and challenged employees who want to put their best foot forward, ultimately resulting in best employee behaviour. It encourages the holistic approach of transparency and collaboration to generate innovation and solutions to complex issues. 

  • Boost the well-being of employees

The health and well-being of employees are often overlooked. However, they can benefit from a healthy company culture that has strong values, beliefs, and practices. While having a positive impact on their work ethic and attitude, it also improves the health and wellness of employees, allowing them to feel more connected to the workspace.

Workplace culture is critical to skills, experience, education, and compensation requirements. Accomplishing a good cultural fit means that the individuals’ beliefs and behaviours align with the organisation’s values. Such compatible candidates will become more productive and engaged employees. 

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