5 Tips to Improve Your Recruitment Process

What do you think is the foundation of a successful organisation? The right customers? Ability to attract customers? Competition and industry insight?

Wrong! While all the above do play a huge role in the growth of any organisation, the single most important parameter that lays the foundation of all successful organisations is the right people. Once you have the right people at the right time in the right positions, the rest will just fall into place! Provided, of course, that you are focused on it!

No wonder then that organisations focus so much on recruitment! Hire the right people and you are all set in your growth trajectory. Hire the wrong ones, however, and there’s no saying what might happen!

So how do you fine-tune your recruitment process?

What do you do to attract the right people? And then hire them in a way that they stay with you for the long-term. Besides the standards like being an ethical organisation, having a spotless reputation and being a fair employer, here are 5 tips to creating a distinct identity for yourself amongst potential candidates:

Effective Job Description

A perfect JD is half the work done. Gone are the days of the standard JD templates that included just the list of responsibilities and requirements. Potential candidates these days look for what the company can do for them. Emphasize on what your company can do for them, and you’ll attract candidates who fit your needs 100%. Reduce using terms like “must have”, and try words like “nice to have” which would encourage candidates. Be clear about what you are hiring. Include clear Job Titles and make sure you mention details on what sets your company apart. In short, make the JD clear and compelling.

Effective Search

While filling up open positions, give priority to existing talents that you have developed over the years. They know your organization better than those who would be coming from outside. In addition to cost saving, this will enhance loyalty.

If hiring from outside, look for candidates on social media channels like Twitter and Reddit. Look for people with interests and skillset that fit your requirement. Attend industry events, conferences & seminars where you might find your perspective candidates. Referrals are a good way to find high quality candidates. Use referral software or Apps to create referral programmes with incentives.

Effective Interview Job seekers use interviews as an opportunity to find out if it’s the right place to work. Hence create a standardized candidate assessment template and tailor it to each role you’re hiring for. Then, design questions that are customised for each position and candidate. For example, if you want an aggressive Sales person, ask the candidate about a time they fought for what they wanted or believed in. This approach ensures you are asking interviewees the right questions. This, along with training interviewers, can reduce your time-to-hire and also make it easier to spot the right candidates for the job.

Effective Verification

Effective verification is selecting fits first and then screening the final list of candidates. Background verification must include criminal records, employment history and eligibility. You could also check candidates’ social media profiles to understand whether they fit organisational values and ethics. Reference checks are a must to understand the authenticity of previous employments, performance, roles and workplace conduct.

Effective Onboarding

Hiring doesn’t conclude the process, it’s just the beginning. Onboarding is the make-or-break point. Many candidates drop out if they do not like the onboarding process, as it gives them an idea of what to expect in the workplace. Effective onboarding helps employees integrate to the new environment and also helps long term productivity and employee retention.


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