Hey Freshers, Are you ready to learn & grow?

Knowledge is a great gift to have. To get knowledge, the zeal to learn is important.

When we are ready and open to new learnings, both in the professional and personal world, we can discover our infinite potential. Because learning is all about growing and that happens by acquiring new skill or new knowledge or a new understanding. This helps us to grow into a more matured and experienced professional and as an individual.


At the very start of our professional carrier, when we start working in an organization, we are exposed to an ocean of learnings. Every day brings in a plethora of new experiences and understanding.

We can learn from our seniors who teach us about the work through their actions and experiences, there are these mentors and coaches who hand hold us through difficult tasks, there are our senior colleagues who support us in understanding work processes etc.

However, we all must know and understand one thing.

There is a limit to what someone can teach you, unless you are willing & determined to pursue the learning journey by being proactive and enthusiastic.


Some of the ways to develop the right learning mind-set are:

-Seek clarity on your doubts

-Ask questions

-Stay focused on the tasks

-Be open to feedback

-Observe your work environment well

-Make mistakes but do not repeat them

-Communicate well with all

-Make your notes


Always remember that in today’s fast paced corporate world, the ones who succeed are:

-Those who are ardent and diligent learners

-Those who go all out proactively to seek knowledge

-Those who do not shy away from feedback

-Those who constantly want to improve themselves

So, how are YOU learning and growing? It is time for some self-reflection!


Hey Freshers, Are you ready to learn & grow? Created By
Pragati Oberoi

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