Solutions to Complex Recruitment Related Problems in the Current Situation

Recruitment is an extremely important yet challenging process for all organizations – be it an SME or a huge corporate; moreover, matters have been worsened by the pandemic in recent times. It is going to be even more difficult to fill the gaps in employment left behind because of this scenario. Organizations must find the right solutions to ensure the right fit for each job profile; to enable this, the hiring process needs to be short, sharp, and focused on the requirements of the candidates.

  1. Finding qualified candidates – Job postings and advertisements tend to go under the radar unless published by giants with a huge global reach, hence, many prospective suitable candidates don’t apply. To get over this, companies need to diversify their methods of advertising for job postings – be it employee referrals or partnership with vendors or postings on websites. Even the post-pandemic shift to the internet can be exploited fruitfully by the companies.
  2. Longer time to recruit – No candidate applies exclusively to any one company; the longer time a company takes to hire, the more time they give their competitors to convince the prospective employees to join their company instead. Moreover, it also creates a poor candidate experience, further affecting the brand image. Replacing several manual tasks with intelligent automation can go a long way in overcoming this situation. 
  3. Engaging passive candidates – 70% of the global workforce is made of passive talent; people who aren’t actively searching for jobs; may be interested in hearing about new opportunities and targeting this group can be beneficial. There’s a strong chance that these people won’t check out job advertisements, so to target them, it is imperative to use the power of social media – to advertise job opportunities on that platform.
  4. Diversity in the workplace – Social and racial inequality in the workplace is one of the biggest problems plaguing organizations nowadays; hence, hiring people irrespective of gender, geographical location, ethnicity, and even physical attributes should be the topmost priority while engaging new applicants. This can be done by implementing various methods to eliminate bias while choosing candidates and by standardizing the hiring process.
  5. Streamlined selection process – While many companies struggle with attracting suitable applicants, there are some who must deal with the problem of plenty. This is due to inconsistency in the hiring process, lack of proper planning before engaging with the candidates. It can be mended by proper streamlining of the selection process, by simplifying and automating the entire process.

  1. Integrating automation with oversight – Automation and technology can go a long way in aiding the recruiting process, more now than ever before; but technology is limited by its programming. Over-reliance on technology can lead to many deserving candidates being overlooked; when technology is mixed with human oversight, the results are particularly noteworthy.

Every company has its unique method of functioning and requirements from the workforce. These solutions might help in the overall functioning, but in the end, it is up to the companies to go about their businesses in the way they like.

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