Top 5 HR Trends Of 2022

The past 2 years changed the way organizations function – forever; therefore, 2022 is going to be all about how HR adapts to the changed conditions brought forth. Workers are now demanding transparency from their employers and generally, the voices for change are growing stronger. After having gone through a tumultuous time in the past 2 years, HR departments around the world are reinventing themselves and solidifying their new roles.

Here are 5 trends that HR is likely to adopt. 

      1. Innovative Recruitment Strategies: Hiring has now picked up again after the uncertainty due to the pandemic has lessened, but now the average worker isn’t willing to settle for low wages and poor work conditions. Companies will have to think outside the box while capturing top talent and will also need to stand out against the opposition. They need to:
        1. Showcase employee experience in the company
        2. Embrace text recruiting to speed up the entire process
        3. Identify non-traditional talent
        4. Partner with universities and schools for fresh talent
        5. Loosen restrictions on requirements
      2. HR As a Product: Traditionally HR has performed with a project mindset – clear timeline, limited resources, and set goals; performing as a product means focusing on adding value and more resources being allocated, as the value increases. Thus, HR performing as a product not only increases their product delivery quality but also helps them build the capability to increase the businesses’ bottom line.  This would require the HR personnel to better understand the company’s internal customers – their changing habits and preferences and deliver a more personal and unique employee experience. 

      1. Collaboration by Design: Remote working has hampered employee networking to a great extent and has made organizations more isolated. It is up to HR now to cultivate communication and collaboration since “collaboration and co-creation lead to innovation.” This can be achieved in many ways:
        • Creating platforms where employees can work together to achieve more.
        • An organizational model which drives collaboration and diversity of thought.
        • Talent programs that allow for rotation.
      2. HR Owning Business Transformation: Capability to design collaboration, skills in organizational design, development, transformation, and expertise in building culture – all make HR an indispensable asset during business transformation; however, traditionally they have only been consulted in topics related to people management, that is somewhat unfortunate. Given their expertise, they can now take control of the change process, something which requires closer interaction and cooperation with all the departments in the organization.
      3. Preparing for Multiple Futures: With ambiguity and uncertainty rampaging the minds of people, it is unwise to move ahead with only one future in mind. Employees demand flexibility wherever they work and now more than ever, flexibility has become a prerequisite for the survival of any business. Companies need to prepare for more scenarios and should be agile enough to react quickly, else they won’t be around in this fast-paced reality. This is going to be one of the key HR trends in 2022, in accordance with all the happenings in the world in the recent past.

With organizations now migrating to hybrid work models and newer business strategies being indispensable, they are now looking to outsource HR to ensure smoother and seamless operations. Hiring expert HR consultants are also turning out to be more cost-effective and technology-driven, with organizations being able to concentrate more on their core business. Smarter HR solutions by specialists are certainly going to be the key trend in 2022. 

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