Unveiling Insights: Using Compensation & Benefits Benchmarking Data for Performance-Linked Rewards in India

In spite of the significant increase in the talent pool in the country, it’s becoming harder for organisations to attract, train and retain the right people. This has led to a unique situation where there is no dearth of talent in the country, yet there is a huge demand-supply gap. The biggest reason for this is the fact that with shrinking international boundaries, people literally have the world at their feet. So, unless organisations in India offer people compensation and benefits that match the best in the world, they may not be able to have the best of talent opting for them.

This dichotomy has led organizations in India to turn to consultants who leverage compensation and benefits benchmarking data. Benchmarking that involves honest and sincere comparison of an organization’s compensation and incentive metrics, processes, and practices against the best-in-class either nationally or globally that enables organisations to identify areas for improvement, adopt best practices and close gaps.

Insights from compensation benchmarking are also a valuable tool for setting realistic and achievable goals in performance-linked reward programs. The metrics of industry leaders or high-performing competitors turn into meaningful goals for HR teams who can then avoid over or under-paying their talent.


Leveraging Benchmarking Data for Rewards and Incentives:

Benchmarking data plays a crucial role in designing and implementing effective performance-linked rewards and incentive programs. Here’s how organizations can utilize benchmarking insights:


Determining Appropriate Reward Structures: Benchmarking data provides insights into the types of rewards and incentives offered by organizations in similar industries and regions. This helps in determining the appropriate reward structures, such as monetary bonuses, stock options, recognition programs, or non-monetary benefits, that align with market practices and employee preferences.


Setting Competitive Reward Levels: Benchmarking data helps organizations understand the average reward offered for different performance levels and roles. This information ensures that the rewards and incentives offered are competitive, thereby motivating employees to strive for superior performance.


Ensuring Equity and Fairness: The right benchmarking enables organizations to ensure fairness in compensation structuring. By comparing compensation structures and reward systems across the industry, they can identify gaps and make adjustments.


Recognition and Non-Monetary Incentives: While monetary compensation is vital, non-monetary incentives and recognition programs can significantly contribute to employee motivation and retention. Benchmarking data can provide insights into the types of non-monetary incentives and recognition practices that might boost employee morale.

Performance-linked rewards in India have existed since a long time, what’s new is the globalisation of the processes and systems and benchmarking with the global best, rather than comparing with what’s the best in the country. This is vital as post-Covid, the hybrid or remote working model has become normal. Employees are now not limited by geography and are now accessible to organisations from all across the globe. Hence all compensation data analysis for rewards must now accept the new normal and offer tangible (and intangible) benefits that may not have been common in the country so far. Utilizing benchmarking insights helps organizations enhance performance, engage employees, and foster a culture of continuous improvement and achievement. With a well-designed performance-linked rewards and incentive program, Indian organizations can unlock the full potential of their workforce and achieve sustainable success.

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