Virtual Recruiting: Tips to Overcome Challenges

Ever since the pandemic forced the world to switch to the online model of functioning, everyone has had a hard time adapting to the situation; even though not an uncharted territory, it was a mode of operation, not explored much prior to the pandemic. Since the past year, when virtual meets became imperative for the companies to function and survive, organisations have begun to make the shift and adapt to the new conditions. Just like any other case, this shift to virtual functioning has posed some challenges to the service providers and the consumers alike. And one of the biggest challenges has been faced while recruiting new employees through the virtual mode.

Too many applicants – As per the CMIE (Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy), urban unemployment in the country, as of June 2021, stands at a tall 10.07%. With unemployment touching drastic levels, the number of applicants for each opening is bound to be remarkably high. Moreover, in the digital time, when people can interview from the comfort of their homes, they end up applying for a disproportionate number of interviews. 

Ghosting – When people apply for more interviews they can possibly give, they tend to not show up for some of them. More than 10% of the interviewers said that their top candidates didn’t show up nor did they respond to their communication. The companies need to put out their best marketing tactics to attract people to their interviews and maintain a clear communication with the interviewees.

Network and technical difficulties – This is one of the most genuine and frequent problems faced by both the parties involved. This can be countered by having a frank discussion on the subject so that both the candidates and the organization can make necessary arrangements for the online interview. This process might require some more preparation than a normal in-person interview but yes, communication is the key.

Insufficient communication – This is another common complaint that has come up with many employers finding it difficult to explain the company culture virtually, rather than the office tour that used to happen during the earlier days.  It is actually difficult to counter this problem but companies can try to prioritize video conferencing and also talk through the life cycle of an ordinary employee in the company, while making them comfortable and optimistic about their future.

Disappointing job ads – 2.1% of the employers have complained about not having strong ads that would warrant a response; gone are the days when ads used to be printed in hoardings and newspapers. To succeed in the digital marketing age, carefully selected keywords are required. The companies need to be very clear and precise about their requirements, and this needs to reflect in the advertisements they put out.

Besides all these, the companies need to make sure that their virtual recruitment processes are up to the mark. It’s not wise to harass the candidates during the interview; rather, allowing them to show their merits can go a long way in creating a good experience for them. Additionally, ensuring that existing employees on payroll are satisfied can go a long way in creating a welcoming ambience for the incoming workforce.

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